Final Blue Square Qualifiers

It’s time to get the final Blue Square qualifiers out of the way.  To get the 2nd free bet you have to place 10 bets of £25 although, thankfully, you can place them all on the same event.  The closest odds I could find is for Leicester to win tomorrow’s Rugby Union Heineken Cup final: the back odds at Blue Square are 1.44 and the lay odds at Betfair are 1.45.  10 £25 bets will mean a liability at Betfair of £115.71, so I’ll be temporarily tying up £365.71 (£250 + £115.71), but the bets will be settled tomorrow.

I’ll be making a bit of a loss on these qualifiers - £5.71 - but that’s to be expected.  I’m looking to make an overall profit of around £13 on these qualifiers and the subsequent free bet.

Bets to be settled:
Blue Square: Leicester Tigers v London Wasps (Q) 20/05/07.  Expected return £-5.71

Dull FA Cup Final. Wins Me £20

Blue Square’s Poor Odds

My First Profit

A Qualifier and A Free Bet

Coral Qualifying Bet Settled

Coral Qualifying Bet Placed

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